Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woman on Metro North is well educated: Woman gets asked to quiet down while using mobile phone; phone video captures her loudmouth reaction

women on Mta Metro north well educated

Sweet Benedict, whilst thou art young,
And knowst not yet the use of tongue,
Keep it in thrall whilst thou art free:
Imprison it or it will thee.
            --John Hoskyns

Riding the train or bus to work can be a hassle if you live in a big metropolitan area. You have to learn to put up with a lot of stuff. Sometimes sitting on gum can ruin a good day; sometimes sitting on gum can be the least of your problems. A video is going viral as I type this (only 1654 views!) of a woman who gets upset over being asked to quiet down and stop using profanity while talking on her mobile phone. Again? you say. What's new? Well this video is more entertaining--and somewhat uncomfortable to watch--for the attitude the woman takes. She decides to defend herself by claiming how "well educated she [is]." The moment anyone uses this tactic, you know they lose all credibility of whatever social standing the think they have because of their schooling.

From the youtube description: This woman was talking too loud on the train when the conductor politely asked her to keep it down and stop using profanity or to take it to the vestibule. She jumped up and started yelling about how "educated" she is, proving the exact opposite.
There was an announcement a minute later asking all passengers to please not use profanity on the train, "especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport."

I like the part where she asks "do you know what schools I've been to" and where she asks for her money back.

Just how well educated is she?
Here is her linkdin profile, which  is also making the rounds.