Thursday, June 23, 2011

Southwest Pilot Rants on his dismal partying while mic is on; rails against "gays" "grannies" "grandes" "fags"

Here's another video featuring an oblivious person saying things which would make people cringe.

A pilot for Southwest airlines unwittingly broadcast his conversation regarding his crummy party experiences and the amount of "gays" and "fags" he encounters. I imagine this will go viral within the next couple of days. The recording is nothing extraordinary.  Southwest airlines suspended the pilot; he returned after completing diversity classes.

I realize many people will address the homophobic aspect of this recording, which is fine and understandable. But this pilot is not speaking publicly, and in no way is representing his profession or his airline.

A bigger issue I see here is the ever increasing phenomenon of having people's every actions captured and made public on the internet.

It is quickly looking as if it is better to assume you are always being watched and recorded. My what a brave new world we are living in!