Friday, May 6, 2011

I ask Google why a left turn arrow hasn't been activated even though a new traffic signal was installed a long time ago

Here's what I googled: why hasn't the left turn arrow on Soto and Washington been activated?

Don't you hate it when busy intersections lack left turn lanes and arrows? During rush hour, watching the scramble to make a left turn before the light turns completely red sometimes makes me laugh. The tacit rule is that only two cars may turn on red; usually the third car runs a greater risk of impeding traffic.
What's more, that third car always comes within an inch of tagging along to your bumper if you happen to be the second car turning left.

In Los Angeles, there is no dearth of busy intersections. Most major, busy intersections do have left turn lanes and left turn traffic signals. But let's face it: during rush hour, many seemingly inconsequential intersections turn into major, busy intersections. I am not going to go on a rant on the city and county of Los Angeles here. I think the traffic engineering department is doing the best it can. There are clear signs where left turns are not allowed, and the flow of traffic is regulated by designating one way streets and implementing digital traffic signals that respond to the overflow rush hour traffic.

But what is bugging me and what led me to post this is the speed of activating the left turn arrows on recently installed traffic signals at the intersection of Soto and Washington Blvd. This intersection is always busy. It is the lifeline for many truckers commuting between nearby industrial areas and cities and major freeway entrances. I have always noticed the lack of left turn arrows at this intersection, so when finally I noticed that the traffic signals were updated and included left turn arrows I was thrilled. But it's been several months now and the left turn arrows are still not functioning. I realize that perhaps more updates are required (possibly the addition of a left-turn only lane), but I see no sign of these updates taking place.

What's the hold up! Activate the damn left turn arrows at Soto and Washington already.

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