Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Notice something new? Google launches +1 "plus one" and further joins the clutter and fray

Google's +1 plus one button screen shot
Google +1 (plus one)

Google's plus one screenshot
In its continuing effort to rival Facebook, Google launched its own version of the ubiquitous "like" button.  Google, of course, says that their +1 (pronounced "plus one") feature is better because its recommendations will contextualize information thus making them more relevant.

I don't know how another social button will be received by readers and social media enthusiasts (aren't we all? Do we have a choice?). Just look at all the buttons already cluttering the bottom of this post. But it appears that Blogger is supporting and fully promoting this feature. Am I the only one for whom  the +1 button has color and stands out slightly bigger in size than the rest of the buttons?

My question is: Is anyone going to use this?

Google Buzz seemingly never caught on, and now this new button is immediately next to the Buzz button? I can't speak to authoritatively on these social media tech issues, but it seems that the market for these social media update and "pass on the link" buttons is over-saturated. 

Rumors have it that the  +1 feature is coming out in preparation for Google's release of their own social network.Google can't seem to shake off  its should'a, could'a, would'a taken over Facebook thoughts. I am told executives at Google can't sleep at night because of Facebook's massive aggregation of real, personal data instead of being left to mop up all the clutter of the internet (ok, I am not told this, but one can imagine it being partially true). Should Facebook worry? No, because Google can never be Facebook (this is good) and Facebook can never be Google (this is also good).

Wondering how they got the +1 nomenclature? +1 is another internet shorthand frequently used on forum boards and on other places where e-discussions take place; it is used to resoundingly agree and support something (i.e. recommend as in the case of Google's use). Quick example of how it is used:

WAllstreetguy58: Dude you should have known better than to buy stock in Blockbuster. They had no viable restructuring plan and couldn't compete with their rivals (Netflix). You are a sorry investor, I recommend you donate your money to the Red Cross right now!

Applefanboyduncehat: [qoute Trollhacker58 says: ...] +1. Seriously.

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