Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's like Tina Fey without her glasses

I googled: It's like Tina Fey without her glasses

I'm not big on identifying and following the careers of celebrities. I am usually the person who has to describe the actor before I name him--and this doesn't really work since my descriptions rely on foggy memory. So when I happened to catch a glimpse of Tina Few without her glasses I experienced a strange double-double take. I sort of knew who she was, but didn't: something's missing...

Then, as if my memory jolted from its sleep, I noticed this was that funny lady with the glasses, but without the glasses.

I was disappointed seeing her without her glasses.

So, from now on whenever I am mildly disappointed and feel that my expectations have fallen short by a bit, I think "It's like Tina Fey without her glasses." Basically a longer way of saying "meh." Or another way to say "something's a bit off or missing"

So I designed this below to commemorate my search that yielded no direct results on Google.


  1. Can I use this turn of phrase?

  2. Sure, if possible, just link or refer to this blog. There is also a shirt I designed if you want to really use this and show it off.