Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop Saying Zeitgeist

Stop using the word zeitgeist. If you must use it, at least don't echo the word in your article (echoing in editorial, writer speak means repeating your language).


Now excuse me while I go wallow in my weltschmerz.


  1. On your Brandford's blog yesterday, Luddite, had me learning what the word meant. I feel I should give you a huge round of applause.

    As I see it, these Englishman foresaw that you do not grab the rocket machine and then drill and manipulate, with violence, this earth, just because?

    Because there are human animals that will do it, much more gently. You, me, we, are born in a mom's belly, that's the history of your family and guess where are successions of lifetimes surround you? Look. Look around the earth that we share with each other.

    Oh? You think I'm a tree hugger? Yes. Actually, I'm wholly flexy amdidextry, therefore I delight in smelling any tree, than delight in my happy attempts to tangle my body with any imaginable tree trunk, or branch, of stem or flora. My body wraps around a branch, snake like.

    It's nice knowing that Luddittes are real and have archived history. Ludditte, call me that color. But what happened? Did we listen to the wrong people? If we listened to Luddittes, my intuition tells me that there'd be far less natural disasters going on, right now.

  2. Luddites were real, but they are dead. We can't pretend that technology is only a bad thing, just as we can't blithely accept that it's a purely good thing

    I too echo your sentiments. But what is happening now is completely different than what 19C Luddites were reacting too. Technocratic society is the next turn in which the sovereignty of humans will be quashed while no one cares so long as we can download another app on our phones.